Tapes for Mac » FAQ

Can I remap the global keyboard shortcut?

Yes, it’s available to change in Preferences.

Big thanks to @vadimshpakovski for MASShortcut

Is there a way to delete videos that you previously recorded?

Yes! We added the option to delete tapes in version 1.3 (here’s a tape showing how to do it). Tapes you delete are permanently wiped from our servers and cannot be recovered, so please use with caution.

Is there a way to put passwords on a video?

There is no such option. However, your tape won’t be accessible to anyone without the URL. Tapes are not listed anywhere, so as long as you don’t post the URL somewhere public, they’ll remain completely private and secure.

Why only 3 minutes?

Tapes is more about communication than recording long videos. We made the app to share our work easier and make fast tutorials. Three minutes is almost too long, we found that we rarely use more than 30 seconds.

How long do videos persist? Are they removed after a certain time period?

They’re kept indefinitely. We don’t like the idea of our users sending tapes to their friends and family, have them try to go back and re-watch them a few months later only to find that they expired.

Is there a way to record a single window?

Yes, instead of dragging to select a rectangular area, simply click the window you want to record. Tapes will automatically create a selection for the that whole window for you.

Do I have to record audio?

You can toggle audio by clicking Mute in the app’s menu. The setting will be remembered until you change it and will be shown in the “Click and drag to record a part of the screen” label.

Will tapes recorded on Retina look OK?

Tapes tags screencasts recorded on a Retina Mac which are displayed properly for both Retina and non-Retina users.

Is the app localized?

Tapes is translated to: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Does Tapes support multiple displays?

You can start recording on any connected display but you won’t be able to record multiple displays at the same time, sorry.

How can I contact you?

[email protected]