Tapes for Mac.

Share screencasts fast.

1 Select a part
of the screen.
2 Record up to
3 minutes.
3 Immediately
share the link.

Teach, review or just show off

Show your parents how to set up FaceTime or block annoying ads without spending a minute on your phone.

Show your colleagues how you think the newest feature should be done without walking over to their desks.

Go through your work and review it for your clients in a one short video. No need to post dozens of Basecamp messages.

Record a way to reproduce a bug. Show areas of potential improvement. Win long discussions before they even started.


Easy control

Recording has never been simpler. Tapes works just like you expect it to. Press ⇧⌘2 to record and again to finish up.

You can also use easily accessible controls in the menu bar.

Recent Tapes Desktop, 0:45 Safari, 0:31

Neatly organized

The main menu holds your recent screencasts.

The best thing is that you can share the link without waiting for the upload.

View anywhere. Your screencasts are shared through HTML5 video with Flash fallback.

Retina support allows you to share your designs just the way you made them.

We think you’re going to love Tapes.

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